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Xtreme Products is a leading provider of the highest quality site safety solutions to the Australian market, specialising in lockout tagout products and first aid products.  With an unwavering commitment to safeguarding lives and promoting workplace security, Xtreme Products stands as a beacon of reliability for businesses across Australia.  Industries include the agricultural, food processing, construction, timber & forestry and mining industries.

Our lockout tagout products are designed to prevent accidents during machinery maintenance or repair.  Xtreme Products offers a comprehensive range of lockout devices, stocking leading brands such as Master Lock.  Lockout Tagout (LOTO) ensures that energy sources are effectively isolated, tagged, and locked, minimizing the risk of unauthorized equipment operation.  By enabling easy and foolproof locking mechanisms, Australian workers can perform tasks without fear of unexpected machine activations.

Xtreme Products recognizes the indispensable role of first aid in any work environment.  Stocking the industry leading and thoughtfully curated Fastaid first aid kits, various injury scenarios, from minor cuts to more serious incidents can be addressed.  These kits contain an array of medical supplies and equipment, coupled with clear instructions for prompt and effective response during emergencies.  Our commitment to quality ensures that their first aid kits comply with industry standards, such as the TGA.  This assures employers that their workforce is equipped to handle unforeseen medical situations competently.

Choose Xtreme Products for the highest quality site safety solutions.  Our advanced lockout tagout devices ensure machinery safety during maintenance.  Our comprehensive first aid kits prioritize worker well-being, and are an essential item in responding suitable to workplace incidents.   With stock on hand for fast same-day shipping, you can rely on Xtreme Products to create safer work environments.

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