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Welcome to our range of cut & impact resistant gloves

Did you know, that in 2015 – 2016 at least 14,140 Australian workers had to take more than one week off work because of injuries they sustained to their hands, fingers and thumbs? (SWA).  Many hand injuries suffered by Australian workers each year, could have been prevented had the correct hand protection been worn.

Our mission is to help you create safer working environments, and here you will find our range of cut resistant and impact resistant safety gloves from leading Australian brands, such as Bastion, Maxisafe, and Portwest.  Bastion and Maxisafe cut resistant gloves offer cut A through to cut F protection (also known as cut 1 through to cut 5 protection), and Maxisafe and Portwest offer a range of impact resistant gloves, some made from cut resistant fibres.  For more information on EN388 standards, take a look at our blog post here

There are many factors to consider when choosing safety gloves.  What gauge should my gloves be?  What coating will be best suited for my task?  What abrasion or tear resistance is ideal?  Every time, it comes down to your intended usage and the specific hazards that will be present in your working area.  Our entire range of cut & impact resistant gloves have excellent abrasion resistance, ensuring a long lasting barrier for your hands.  Gauge is a measure of the thickness of the glove, and your ideal glove depends on the level of dexterity you require, with a higher gauge offering greater dexterity.  Bastion and Maxisafe cut resistant gloves range from 13G to 18G.

We’d love to help you find your the glove that suits all your requirements, so why not Contact Us today and let us do the searching for you?  Don’t forget you can just open up the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.  Prices are shown excluding GST.  Please contact us for pricing on bulk quantity purchases.

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