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When it comes to braving the elements, Xtreme Products has consistently been at the forefront of innovation, offering top-of-the-line wet weather clothing for hard working professionals.  Designed to provide unbeatable protection against rain, snow, and other challenging weather conditions, these collections are the ultimate choice for anyone seeking comfort and durability in their outdoor working environments.

Crafted with cutting-edge materials and innovative technologies, our Wet Weather Clothing range for workers boasts waterproof, windproof, and breathable features.  No matter how severe the weather gets, this range guarantees that workers stay dry and comfortable throughout their demanding workdays, enabling them to focus on their tasks without distraction.

Designed to be practical and versatile, the wet weather gear range includes a variety of jackets, pants, and accessories tailored for workers’ specific needs.  Multiple pockets provide convenient storage for tools and essentials, while reinforced panels ensure durability in rugged environments.  Reflective elements enhance visibility during low-light conditions, promoting safety on the job.

Guy Cotten has become the undisputed expert in high frequency seam welding.  For over 55 years they have been designing and manufacturing wet weather clothing in France with superb precision, offering unequalled professional quality.  They have developed their own range of highly technical exclusive fabrics, used in their fowl weather gear garments.  These include Nylpeche, Cap-Coz and Glentex.

Kaiwaka create no-nonsense garments to assist everyone in the outdoors, so you can remain productive in all weather.  Designing garments in New Zealand, they are produced with the highest quality materials to enable you to get outside regardless of the weather.

Xtreme Products understands the significance of optimal performance and protection in the workplace, making this range a reliable choice for workers in various outdoor industries, including aquaculture & fishing, construction, farming and mining.

With stock conveniently located in our Tasmanian and Melbourne warehouses, we’re covering workers braving the elements Australia-wide.

Contact us today to discuss your wet weather clothing requirements – you can count on us to keep you 100% waterproof.

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