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Clogger SnakeSafe Snake Gaiters

Clogger SnakeSafe Snake Gaiters


Snake Safe Gaiters Size Chart

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Clogger SnakeSafe Snake Gaiters | Code: SSG31-(size)

SnakeSafe is the protection you need if you’re spending time in the forest, long grass, or anywhere where snakes are lurking.  Rigorously tested by one of Australia’s leading herpetologists, Living with Wildlife, these gaiters have proven their performance.  All venomous snakes of Australia tried to bite through this protection – none succeeded.  SnakeSafe snake gaiters offer peace of mind to all farmers, outdoor workers and nature enthusiasts.

  • 4 layer, super-tightly woven penetration resistant fabric give you protection that you can trust
  • Coverage from the knee to the ankle (40 cm)
  • Zip fastens from the top to the bottom, making them easy to get on
  • Tough TPU straps under the boot that keep the SnakeSafe gaiter in position
  • Super-tightly woven fibres protect against multiple snake bites
  • Water-resistant
  • Light at just 385 g – almost 20% lighter than alternative snake gaiters
  • Ideal for recreational or professional use
  • Available in sizes S to XL


Clogger SnakeSafe Snake Gaiters

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The SnakeSafe Gaiter was developed for Australia to protect against venomous snakes while still be light and comfortable to wear in hot Australian conditions

Rigorously tested by Living with Wildlife, a leading Australia herpetologist, SnakeSafe Snake Gaiters have proven their performance. All varieties of Australian venomous snakes tried to bite through this protection. We’ve even tested the SnakeSafe gaiters with the Eastern Diamondback – the largest rattlesnake in the US. All our tests were successful. No snakes were able to puncture the gaiters.

Up to 4,000 Australians ever year are bitten by snakes with some bites being fatal. This product gives farmers, outdoor workers, and nature enthusiasts true piece of mind where there is a risk of snake bite.

Choose SnakeSafe, Australia’s Classic Snake Gaiter for proven protection. Trusted all across Australia.

What People Are Saying

“I was using a brush cutter in a drainage gully at work today while wearing a pair of Clogger SnakeSafe gaiters and, all of a sudden, I feel this pressure on my right leg. I turn around and see a 2m Tipan hanging on, so I flick my foot backwards to remove the snake. I inspected my chaps and the punctures didn’t go through the gaiters, saving me from being bitten.”

Ben Surgeoner

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