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Guy Cotten Heavy Duty DREMBIB Bib & Braces


Guy Cotten Heavy Duty DREMBIB Bib & Braces

Revolutionising wet weather gear, Guy Cotten has created the Drembib, a breathable and waterproof bib & braces, ideal for intensive and even “aggressive” wearers in warm or cold weather.

  • Designed for intensive use – ideal for commercial fishers
  • Double Fabric Layer on the whole front
  • Triple Fabric Layer on the chest and knees
  • Ripstop fabric on the front
  • High bib and braces with plenty of room front and back
  • Elasticated self-adjustment at waist
  • Wide and comfortable suspenders/braces with fix lock buckles detachable front & back
  • Inside chest pocket
  • Side hook to hand the bib avoiding braces damage when stored
  • Adjustable side openings
  • Inside knee-pads compartments (knee pads not included, sold separately)
  • Fabric description:
    • Front: Rip-Stop Nylpêche – 485g/m²
    • Back: Breathable Dremtech – 294g/m²
  • Waterproof rating of 25,000mm
  • Breathability rating of 5000g/m² per 24 hours
  • Available colour: Yellow/Red

Available sizes:  XS   S   M   L   XL   XXL   (size chart below)


Guy Cotten Heavy Duty DREMBIB Bib & Braces


Tough and breathable waterproof jacket designed and made with revolutionary new technology.

The Guy Cotten Drembib Bib & Braces is a game changing article on the work clothing market.  It combines very technical fabrics worn in intensive offshore conditions, with our historical know-how in protective clothing for the activities of professional fishermen.  Truly an innovation, this jacket brings newfound comfort to the work environment.

Using Guy Cotten’s proprietary Dremtech + fabric, this is a high-tech breathable, comfortable, tough, and heavy duty foul weather bib & braces.  All the parts of the Guy Cotten Heavy Duty DREMBIB Bib & Braces that are the most hard-wearing (shoulders, elbows etc.) are made of NYLPECHE fabric, since this is a benchmark when it comes to durability.  Moreover, it still has all the qualities and technical details that have contributed to the reputation of the brand in professional circles, such as toughness, suitability for work, and the rip-stop qualities.  A distillation of more than 55 years of experience and Guy Cotten’s innovative spirit, the DREMBIB Bib & Braces have become the best professional heavy duty and breathable wet weather bib & braces on the market.  This is because Guy Cotten have crossed a new comfort threshold for work clothing in the most difficult conditions.

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  • Front: Nylpeche – Highly tear resistant. Double-sided coating.
    • Designed and perfected for industrial fishing, this fabric has been adopted by the majority of fishermen throughout the world.  The care taken with the coating whose composition is of high quality, explains this fabric’s excellent resistance to variations in temperatures, as well as oils and grease.
    • The technical characteristics of the Nylpêche fabric provide completely waterproof garments second to none for their strength and suppleness.
    • Waterproofness: 20,000 mm
    • Composition: 31% polyester with 69% PVC coating
    • Total Weight: 485 g/m²
  • Back: Dremtech+ – Heavy duty & breathable, triple-layered fabric. 
    • Layer 1:  An “intelligent” non-porous molecular membrane: When body temperature rises, the membrane’s intermolecular space increases, helping moisture escape faster.  Since it is not made of ordinary pores, it remains wind and waterproof.  This is even the case when it is stretched considerably and subjected to the toughest wear.  A microporous coating increases its resistance to wind and water even further.
    • Layer 2: Very hard wearing outer fabric standing up to all sorts of hostile outdoor conditions (abrasion, tearing, etc.), protected with a high-performing water repellent and anti-stain treatment.
    • Layer 3:Bonded interior lining.  This saves the addition of an extra lining, making it high-performing, comfortable and long-lasting.
    • Waterproofness: 25,000 water column.
    • Breathability: 5000g/m² per 24 hours
    • Composition : 76.5% polyamide, 23,5% polyurethane
    • Total weight 294 g/m²


  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy Duty
  • Light
  • Rip-stop

Storage Instructions:

  • Do not leave in package in damp surroundings.
  • Store in dry surroundings at room temperature.
  • Keep away from strong heat and flames.

How to care for your Drembib Bib & Braces:

  • Do not leave in package in damp surroundings
  • Store in clean and dry surroundings at room temperature
  • Keep away from strong heat and flames
  • Wash in warm water, up to 30°C
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Care Instructions

Guy Cotten Care Instructions Picture

Additional information

Sizes available:


Guy Cotten Clothing size chart

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