The Guy Cotten Neptune Floating Vest.

For over fifty-five years, Guy Cotten has designed and produced foul-weather gear and high-quality marine, farming and industrial clothing following two inalienable principles: safety and user comfort.  And the Neptune is no different!

Neptune?  Is that something from outer space?  Far from it.  The Neptune is a floating vest, designed for the safety and comfort of all boat users and especially for those that go alone.  In this article, we are going to explore the advantages of the Neptune and provide a brief comparison against conventional PFD’s.

A storm has encroached upon the Blue Moon. The wind howls around the boat, tossed about by the storm surge as if it were just a toy.  The crew scramble to tie everything on deck down. Meanwhile the captain is in the wheelhouse attempting to navigate a safe passage through the monstrous waves.  His attempts prove futile as the sea claims another victim, swallowing the boat like a predator swallows its prey.  Thankfully, the crew of the Blue Moon are wearing their PFD’s – but these are any standard PFD, they wear Guy Cotten’s Neptune Floating Vest.

The Neptune Vest provides them with a warm, lightweight, and versatile vest they can wear in all conditions.  Being made from closed cell foam, it withstands the rigours of the fishing world with the foam cells pressed together so tightly that moisture and air are unable to reach the inside of the foam.  This ensures that the vest maintains its buoyancy despite cuts from fishing hook, knives, and glass.  This is unlike conventional PFD’s where even the smallest hole from a fishing hook renders it useless for the intended purpose.  The crotch strap keeps the vest in place and the handle on the back provides a handhold for lifting the wearer from the sea.

The best feature the crew of the Blue Moon like however, is the fact that the Neptune requires no activation, always providing a minimum of 50 Newtons buoyancy.  And because there is no inflation, it is easily worn under their bib & braces and jacket.

Automated PFD’s are fantastic. However, waves breaking over the ship can activate the PFD whilst the wearer is safely on the boat.  He can change to CO2 canister however this is a difficult task when being tossed about.  Alternatively, he can leave the PFD inflated but this is very restrictive.  Manually activated PFD’s are another option however, these are of no help if the wearer is unconscious and falls in the water.

The Neptune Floating Vest is yet another example of how Guy Cotten have incorporated safety and user comfort into their range – what they do best!

Lightweight.  Tough.  Durable.  Hi-Vis.  Low Maintenance.

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Video of the Neptune Vest in action coming soon! 

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